Best Practical Ways to Relieve Your Stress

First of all, there are many ways to get stress relief. However, the best practical ways are those which you can use wherever it is and whenever it is that you get stressed.

  • Most of all, deep breathing exercises are the easiest way to immediately get stress relief. Moreover they can be done anytime and anywhere you are comfortable doing them.
  • Another way is using hand grips or stress balls to help relieve your stress. However, the method assumes you have these available wherever it is you get stressed often. For example, if you often get stressed in the office, keep either the hand grips or stress balls at your desk. And, whenever you are stressed, use them right away to get stress relief.
  • Also, if you have access to your cell phone or laptop, you can listen to calming classical music to help you relieve your stress. And better yet, if you have privacy, you can listen to or watch YouTube dance videos and dance by yourself to let go of stress.
  • In addition, going for a walk is the next easiest way to get stress relief. However, it assumes the weather is cooperating and that there is a quiet place where you can walk peacefully to clear your head. Or, if possible, you can even walk wherever it is you are stressed without stepping outside.
  • Next, brisk walking is a step up from walking and do it if you are physically able to. Moreover, it is better than walking for relieving stress because it’s higher intensity increases the amount of endorphins that are released. Most of all, endorphins are hormones that fight stress.
  • Furthermore, jogging is a step up from brisk walking. However, jogging may be a bit more elaborate because you may need to get appropriately dressed and you may need to have easy access to a path where you can jog. Above all, jogging is better than brisk walking for relieving stress because it releases more endorphins to relieve stress
  • Finally, running is a step up from jogging. However, it is limited to those who are in excellent physical condition and can do it. Again, running releases even more endorphins to relieve stress.

Most of all, the accompanying infographic, illustrates popular methods to get stress relief.

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