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Effective 20-minute Butt Exercises – Part II

Butt Exercises 2

Haul in the minis and shorts for here are some of the finest derriere-view salvaging butt exercises to get those enviable lower body curves.

Dual-Part Squats
  • These one-minute squats help in targeting the gluteal muscles (medius, maximus), quads and hip abductor muscles.
  • Standing in a manner with feet placed at a distance hip width apart and toes to point outwards.
  • Squatting downwards till the thigh is aligned with the ground.
  • Holding for three seconds.
  • Now bending the knees for lowering an additional four inches.
  • Now rising to the extent wherein the thighs are aligning parallel to the ground and then holding for three seconds.
  • Repeating the above steps.
Gymnastic Move
  • This butt exercise tones the gluteal muscles (gluteus maximums) as well as the hip abductor muscles.
  • Standing by placing feet at a distance hip width away, left arm to reach towards the roof.
  • Extending left leg backwards and lifting it a height five to seven inches off the ground, knee to face the ground and toes pointing.
  • Lowering and repeating fifteen times.
  • Doing fifteen repetitions with the knee that is faced out to the left.
  • Repeating on the right side as well.
Sideways Extended Squats
  • These squats are designed to target two out of the 3 gluteal muscles, namely gluteus medius and gluteus maximus and hip abductor muscles.
  • Standing by placing feet at distance hip width away and squatting downwards perpendicularly.
  • Standing and raising left leg to level of the hips at the side.
  • Holding for three seconds and then coming down.
  • Doing thirty reps and switching sides.
  • This is one of those butt exercises that target the hams, medius as well as maximus gluteal muscles.
  • Position yourself by placing both hands and feet touching the ground and raise left leg till hip height, flexing foot and bending knees perpendicularly.
  • Extending leg as though one were stomping a sole impression on the roof.
  • Returning the leg till hip level and repeating for thirty repetitions and switching sides.
Booty Lifts
  • This move tones the medius gluteal muscles and hip adductor muscles.
  • Lying flat on the ground, face-up and bending knees with feet placement hip width apart.
  • Lifting buttocks off the ground and bringing knees close to one another till they make contact.
  • Holding for two seconds, releasing knees and lowering buttocks to merely a half inch higher than the ground.
  • Doing thirty reps.
  • Avoiding coming downwards and doing another set of thirty reps with knees placed apart.
Leg Raises
  • This move is designed to target medius, maximus gluteal muscles, quads and hams.
  • Lying flat with back touching the ground, bending knees and feet placed at a distance hip width away.
  • Extending left leg four inches into the air.
  • Raising hips six inches and then lowering to a half inch higher than the ground.
  • Doing twenty reps and switching legs.

These butt exercises are intended to work on the glutes for the most effective swift-toning workout.