Few Reasons of Plantar Fasciitis That You Never Imagined

Most of the runners, hikers and walkers often get excessive pain on their feet if they overindulge in this activity and particularly if they choose very hard surface for doing these exercises. Following are few symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

  • Pain in the heel or foot
  • When you get up in the morning, you feel intense pain
  • Also, if you sit for longer duration then try to stand on your feet

Most of the people get recovered from this problem after taking rest for few days or doing little bit of stretching. However, in some cases it becomes a chronic problem and prevents you from running and the problem drags on for years. You can get further details about this problem on the website

In this small write up we will tell we will tell you few reasons of plantar fasciitis that perhaps had never occurred in our mind.

In case of same side leg

If you observe the pain in same side of both legs then following could be the reason for pain.

  • Your ankle joints are not bending enough while walking
  • This can also happen, if your calf is too tight due to which you cannot bend your ankle much while walking. If the ankle does not have enough movement then the foot may remain pronated in order to facilitate foot bending.
  • When the foot is under pronation then your entire buttock takes complete load during the movement. If the buttock muscles are weak then it cannot absorb the load and thus your foot is under excess pronation and create difficulty in supination.

In case of opposite side leg

If it is because of pain in the opposite side of the leg, you are not able to push off on that leg. In such case, push off will rotate your pelvis towards your front leg. The rotations of pelvis make your front leg to rotate outward, which assists supination of the foot. Few reasons are as follows:

  • Tight calf muscle or lack of ankle bend
  • The extension of your hip is limited
  • Painful or limited extension of big toe

Weakness in same side hip muscles

This problem may cause due to following reasons

  • Loss of upper back motion
  • Weal muscles in abdomen
  • Neck muscles are too tight

With suitable physical therapy this problem can be resolved.

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