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10-Minute Express Pilates Exercises for a Trimmer Look

Express Pilates Exercises

Benefits garnered from pilates exercises transcend merely toning and firming the core. When all movements are initiated from the core, it automatically improves posture and proffers a lean look after following only a couple of workouts. For maximizing outcomes of these pilates exercises, drawing the navel inwards and upwards, making the back and neck longish and relaxing the shoulders.

Swan Moves
  • Lying down by facing down to the ground; legs to be placed next to one another, inner portion of hand placed on the ground and elbows to be placed to the sides.
  • Pressing hands into the ground and inhaling, raising upper portion of the body (head, shoulders and torso).

  • Arching upper portion of the back to some extent and keep abdominals drawn inwards.
  • Taking two to three breaths.
  • Gradually returning head and torso to the ground.
  • Repeating above steps again.
  • This two-minute lasting move works on the back, abs and inner portion of the thighs.
Double Legged Stretches
  • Lying flat with back touching the ground, hug the knees into the torso.
  • Raising head, neck and shoulders off the ground.
  • Extending arms over one’s head next to the ears and concurrently lifting legs to a forty-five degree angle.
  • Holding for a single count and then bending the knees, circle arms outward to the sides for returning hands to the shin area.
  • Repeating, keeping torso raised and pressing together the inner portion of thighs.
  • These stretches are to be done for two minutes and are intended to target abs and inner portion of the thighs.
Frontward Spinal Stretches
  • Being seated by placing arms and legs outstretched.
  • Inhaling and sitting up erect; exhaling and reaching to the fore over the legs.
  • Curling the upper portion of the body (head, neck and shoulders) to the fore, scoop belly button towards the spine. (Assume one is bent over a soccer ball, not bent at the waistline).
  • Inhaling and holding for a single count.
  • Exhaling and deepening abdomen scooping.
  • Inhaling and roll up to sit.
  • Repeating the above move.
  • This is to be done for two minutes and works on the back and abs.
Sitting Spinal Twists
  • Being seated by extending the legs, flexing feet and extending arms at the sides at level of the shoulders.
  • Inhaling and sitting up erect, then exhaling and drawing the abdominals inward, twist at the midriff to the left.
  • Rotating the rib-cage, arms and head and keep hip region squared.
  • Inhaling and returning to facing frontward.
  • Repeating to the right side as well and then continuing to switch sides.
  • These moves are to be done for two minutes and works on the obliques muscles.
Frontward Leg Pulls
  • Being seated by extending legs, hands placed on the ground and fingers to point towards the body.
  • Lifting hips away from the ground for straightening the body in a line.
  • Raising right leg as much higher as doable while not budging the hips.
  • Holding for three seconds and then gradually lowering the leg to the ground.
  • Alternating sides and repeating the above steps.
  • These moves are to be done for one minute and would target the abs, back and quad muscles.
Leg Pull Backs
  • Starting out in a complete push up pose by engaging the abs, hands to be placed in-line with the shoulder area.
  • Lifting the right leg two to five inches away from the ground.
  • Pointing the toes and holding for three complete seconds before one lowers the leg in a gradual manner.
  • Repeating with the left leg and continuing to switch sides.
  • These single minute lasting moves target the abs, torso, hams and gluteal muscles.

These pilates exercises when done on an every day basis will help in keeping the body at its optimal form.