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10-Minute Saddlebag-Banishing Workout

Saddlebag-Banishing Workout

Tackling unsightly problem areas is now easier than with these 10-minute-long lasting workout that lays focus on tapering hips and lift the bottom. Merged with thirty-minutes of light jog or power walks would offer optimal results. Following the practice for 5 days in a week and taking a break of 2 days and then starting off again. Those intermediary exercisers could include previous week’s schedule and do a forty-five minute jogging session.

  • Standing with feet apart and squatting in a manner resembling as if one were about to sit down on a stool or bench, guaranteeing weight going back and knees are not going ahead of the toes.
  • Lowering oneself till one gets a ninety-degree inclination at the back of the knee (base of the crouch).
  • Pausing and squeezing, truly constricting the muscles and then returning to starting posture. Doing this for a minute’s time.
Side-Leg elevations
  • Beginning in a shrunk squatted base posture and while coming out of the squatted pose standing up erect.
  • Lifting the left leg out to the left side and then taking the arms out to the sides levelled with shoulders.
  • Pausing, squeezing and then returning to squatted base posture and lowering arms to the sides.
  • Bearing in mind of not raising the leg at too much height. Doing this workout for a whole minute.
Roundhouse Both-sided Training
  • Standing erect while clutching a bench or chair. Taking left foot to one’s left hand and stand on one’s right leg.
  • Bending over to the right in a manner that the knee is raised out to the left-hand side. Extending leg away from oneself.
  • Repeating to kick that foot away and then doing the same on the right leg.
  • Doing this for a minute’s time.
Roundhouse Kick outs
  • Squatting with feet placed apart and body weight placed back.
  • On coming out of the squatted pose, taking the left leg out into a circular kicking motion.
  • On conclusion of the kick, bringing the leg down and going directly into a usual squatted pose.
  • Repeating series on the right and then alternating the sides.
  • Doing this exercise for 1 minute.
Squatted Rear Leg Elevations
  • Squatting downwards till a ninety degree angle in formed in-between one’s butts and the ground.
  • On coming out of the squatted pose, extending the left leg outwards at the back of oneself with the leg held straight. Pausing at the peak and then returning to squatted pose.
  • Repeating order on the right side too and then alternating the sides.
  • Doing these movements for 1 minute.
Leg extending move
  • With paws and knees touching the ground, raising the left leg at the back of oneself in a manner that the leg is bowed and sole faces upwards – the beginning posture.
  • Turning the bended leg in a manner that the knee faces the side watching out so that knee does not drop beneath the beginning pose.
  • Squeezing, pausing and returning. Repeating for the other leg too.
  • Doing this movement for 1 minute.
Butt Squeezers
  • Lying flat on a mat with feet placed apart and flat with legs bending, now lifting the butt off the ground for about 1 foot with abdominals tightened.
  • Squeezing, pausing and retuning with no rest to the butt on the ground.
  • Doing this for 1 minute.
Knees-in Butt Squeezers
  • Similar to above, however keeping knees jointly and feet somewhat more widely placed as compared to the hips.
  • Doing this move for 1 minute’s time.