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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Breast Implants

Choosing the Right Breast Implants

If you’re thinking about enlarging your breasts, you probably have a lot of questions such:

What size should I get?

Will my breasts look natural?

Can you replicate the breasts in this photo?

Asking questions is great and you should always feel completely comfortable with a procedure before you go ahead with it.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Breast Implants

  1. Use a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. Your surgeon’s qualifications and where the surgery will be performed should be some of your first considerations. Ask your surgeon about his/her experience and have a look at some of their before and after photos.
  2. Decide what you really want to achieve with this surgery. Ask yourself how you want to look after the surgery. Do you want your breasts to look as natural as possible or do you really want that full cleavage look instead? It’s important to know what your objectives are so that you can discuss them with your surgeon as this will play a role in the size of your implants.
  3. Think beyond cup sizes. When deciding on an implant size, it’s important to not take the same approach as when you buy your bras. Every bra manufacturer is different and some people may be fitted for a B cup but a C cup at another outlet. Overall, going on cup size alone is not enough. You should, of course, mention your preferred cup size to your surgeon as it does count towards your final decision. Your surgeon will recommend a specific implant size and shape during your consultation so try not to base your decision on what you’ve read on the internet. Your surgeon knows best.
  4. Consider your personality and lifestyle. Before you schedule your breast augmentation procedure at Waverley House clinic in Adelaide, think about the type of person you are and the life you lead. For example, do you want your breasts to be noticed or would you prefer something more subtle that suits your introverted personality? Do you exercise often? Do you plan to have children in the future? These types of questions are all important when choosing your breast implant size.
  5. Go bigger if you’re unsure. A large percentage of women opt for revision surgery or re-augmentation because they realize they actually want to go bigger. So, if you’re weighing up two different sizes, rather go with the bigger option.
  6. Always listen to what your plastic surgeon is advising. Your breast augmentation procedure will be carried out by a surgeon that you trust so trust what they have to say about your implant size too. Your surgeon has years of experience and knows what sizes work best with different body types and frames.

If you’re still in the process of choosing a surgeon, be sure to shop around and most importantly, never choose a surgeon based on price alone. Experience and qualifications are far more important.