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Amazing Facts and Trivia About The Secrets Your Body Reveals

Research has proved that your bodily make-up gives an insight about your health, attitude, personality, state of mind, and has made startling revelations.

  1. Brown eyed people were good at fast paced activities involving quick reaction like boxing, while light eyed people were good at self paced tasks like golf.
  2. Women with larger hips tend to be more forgetful and are more prone to breast cancer if their mothers had wide hips, but score high on fertility.
  3. A large round bottom Brown eyedmeans you have a lower risk of heart disease and are more optimistic; also have a high level of good cholesterol cutting risk of diabetes.
  4. Those with big nose are less likely to suffer from allergy, fever flu and infections. Also with large nose they inhale lesser pollutants.
  5. The way you sneeze can indicate which parent you take after more as it is often genetic with one distinct sound.
  6. Women with thin lips areThin lips more likely to have a successful long term relationship. Women with fuller lips tend to be very popular.
  7. Women with big chin and defined jaw line are more likely to be cheats because they have high levels of testostrone.
  8. Women with small chin are very shy and indecisive.
  9. People with long arms are less likely to get Alzheimer disease.
  10. Women with bulky bicepsObese women are assertive and are prone to aggression.
  11. Women who are obese are not very agreeable and with high stress levels.
  12. Women with narrow waist maintain same weight constantly and are less prone to heart attack.
  13. People with fast heartbeats have more anxiety and are stressed and moody.
  14. Women with large thighs have a lower risk of premature death and heart disease.