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Best Workout Routines for Women – Part I

Workout Routines for Women

Nearly all workouts seen are often tailored for men by men or it is some form of half workout involving large rubber-bands, big, loud-colored stability ball or leaping about in leotards.

For getting some real results, specifically designed workout routines for women is needed that would help achieve overall trimming and toning.

Workout routines for women could be optimized by these 8 smart ways.

Socialized Exercising

Women often have an inclination to talking and bonding hence, they would most possibly do best exercising with someone. Joining an aerobic workout class or squash club could turn out to be the most motivating butt-kicking move one has been on the lookout for. Due to their high co-operational levels they are great at teamwork. Even in the sports field, women have lesser likelihood of giving up in a sport so as to not letting down the other team players. Once begun, there is a likelihood that the tempo would endure. Women have a propensity of starting off at a steady rate whereas men tend to be swifter and strong at the onset and then slowing down earlier.

Pelvic Pull-up

Weakened muscles in the pelvic floor could cause unanticipated embarrassing moments due to aging or post-pregnancy when matters deteriorate. The best way to tackle this issue head on is doing Kegel exercises for around five minutes on alternate days focusing on the sphincter-similar muscles located around the anus and vagina and simply begin squeezing and alternating in-between every tightening for as much time as doable (no breath holding) for building staying power. For building strength squeezing and then releasing contractions are to be done. These exercises also help boost sex life by promoting blood supply to the pelvic region, improving lubrication and help in easy build-up and maintaining of sexual tensions with enhanced sensitivity.


Women often feel the need to having achieved the precise number of reps or days-per-week of exercising or number of minutes during cardio workout and could get really tough on themselves when they are unable to attain it. This form of total-or-zilch diet thought process is often their downslide wherein a minor diet slip means to them that their entire diet has been wrecked. So, now onwards in case a workout is shortened or one has put on a couple of pounds then not letting it have a demoralizing effect and reminding oneself that one is still been doing consistent exercises and sticking to it for more time to derive better outcomes. Eager weight-watchers also tend to be stepping on the weighing scales way too often which is too soon to be able to notice any marked difference.

Stretching Out

Innately women have far greater flexibility as compared to men and hence have a tendency to opt for Pilates and yoga. However, excessively flexing could cause joint weakening particularly in case there is slackness in strength-training moves. Indicators of having crossed the line are pains or aches felt in joints instead of the muscle one is trying to stretch and extended time needed for developing adequate flexibility in reaching a particular pose. Resistance training done regularly is among the finest workout routines for women and helps in keeping joint strength and improving pliability.