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Best Workout Routines for Women – Part II

workout routines for women

Explicated herewith are some of the finest workout routines for women that would assist in total body conditioning and a healthier, trimmer figure.

Upper Body Strengthening

Women often tend to focus solely on the lower body fat loss and toning and discounting upper body maintenance. Having a proportionally balanced upper as well as lower body is important for total toning, shape, vigor and stable joints. Hence, strength training for the areas like arm, shoulder and back done twice or 3 times each week is one of the best workout routines for women. A bulky weight should be used that would bring about fatigue by the time the concluding few of every group of 10-12 repetitions are being done. Since women tend to feel fatigue sooner as compared to males during upper body strength training moves hence just a single set would offer analogous gains as 2 or 3 reps.

Feeling Innate Highs

Cardio exercises could help keeping stressors away and the favorable physical-mental impact on having completed an exercise session elicits a better feeling from within. Even aerobics exercises like taking a walk or run is the ideal vent-out for stressed out situations. Even a mere ten minute long walk could help in managing mood.


Bone is built at a lesser rate among women in their thirties onwards however doing jumps for the lower body and resistance for the torso could help tackle this issue. Doing jumps for a little as ten minutes daily would help in improving bone mass in the hip region. Jump ropes could be used for a minute each at dawn and dusk, alternate double legged jumping wherein one switches the feet. These could be done in the absence of jump ropes and on a daily basis. The time could be gradually increased to five minutes to be done two times a day of wide-ranging jumps.

More Perspiration Translates to Greater Fat Loss

Fat reduction is easier for males and studies have shown that when both genders engaged in a forty-five minutes walking at analogous pace, days and time spans, the male had greater calorie burn as compared to the woman. This is due to females having a ten percent slower body metabolism as compared to males. On an average, females tend to hold greater body fats as against lean muscles and more estrogen levels only seems to make fat accruement in hip and thigh region more likely.

One could exhume considerable number of calories by doing lengthy time span aerobics activities like take walks or runs for forty-five to sixty minutes at a less to moderately ranging intensity for one day in a week’s time. The workout could be intensified and time saved by moving quicker like cycle at racing speed for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Those unable to do those killing push-ups could attempt interval training as alterative yet effectual workout routines for women. Walking for five minutes and then jogging for a minute, to be done for thirty to sixty minutes. Workout done at vigorous intensity even for some minutes during an instant helps in revving up hormones which facilitate calorie burning not just while exercising but post-workout too. Post-workout calorie burnout could be an additional twenty to thirty calories which when tallied for a month comes up to a sizeable number.

In case one skipped doing the treadmill then as a substitute stay more active consciously through the day which would help in controlling weight.