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Home » Busting the Myth: Empowering Women Through Exercise During Menstruation for a Painless Period!

Busting the Myth: Empowering Women Through Exercise During Menstruation for a Painless Period!

Exercise During Periods

Exercise is the vital key to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of regular exercise are so vast that they cannot be limited to mere words. But there is a myth which is spreading rampantly. This myth is that exercising during menstruation commonly known as period has harmful effects.

Stated below are some benefits of exercising during periods:
  1. Vigorous exercise improves blood circulation and helps the oxygen to circulate well in the blood.
  2. Exercise loosens the body muscles and thus relieves pain in the lower abdomen and back which are common complains of most women during periods.
  3. Water retention increases during periods. This leads to your body being bloated. An exercise regime allows the body to eliminate the excess of water through sweat. This makes you feel less bloated and light.
  4. Exercise makes us feel light and fresh. A workout routine of even a short time is helpful to revive and stabilize our mood.
Precautions or preventive measures to be taken during Periods:
  1. Although we have stated the beneficial effects of exercise during periods, yet an excess of anything is harmful. So it is imperative not to overdo your exercise routine as it could lead to exertion and weakness.
  2. Look out for body signals in the form of cramps during a particular segment of workout. In case you identify the type of exercise which you find more strenuous then it is better to avoid it or rather modify your routine with lighter forms of exercise which are acceptable by your body.
  3. The food we intake should be healthy and full of nutrients. This is because the food should compensate for the loss of nutrients, minerals and iron during those days.
  4. Avoid excessive salt intake as it leads to the malady of water retention.
  5. Avoid tea, coffee and other forms of caffeinated drinks as it induces cramps.
  6. Have a restful routine. Ensure that you have adequate sleep so that you are not irritable.

A healthy routine definitely goes a long way to ensure a painless period.