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Chew Your Meals To Combat Obesity

Chew Your Meals To Combat Obesity

Fast paced life, lack of time, irregular eating habits, all these factors push us to a point where eating food is no longer a pleasure, but a need to survive, and in the due process we stop chewing our food, and it is important to note there is a direct connection between the chewing and weight control. This is especially true for students who go to school or college and even working people often lack the time to sit and have a proper meal. The current trend is that of gulping a quick bite without taking a break at all.

Chewing, is an important facet of nutrition, but speed eating, gorging on the food and binge eating leads us to unhealthy weight gain and obesity.

Chewing each mouthful for a longer time assists you in losing weight as it lets your brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that is full. Therefore the slower you chew, the lesser you eat and keeps your weight in check. Besides when you chew thoroughly your digestive system is aware of the food which is going to come in and this sends a message to it to enable it to produce digestive acids and help body to absorb nutrients.

Inadequately digested food means inadequate absorption of nutrients, and which is like paying for a gourmet chocolate and getting a toffee. The Leptin, Gherlin and Cholestokinnen hormones, which are responsible for signalling satiation don’t reach their peak until 20 to 40 minutes after food is ingested. People who eat at a rapid speed race their body’s signal keepers by gulping down their food, and eventually they develop the tendency to eat more, accumulate more fats and calories and put on weight which leads to obesity.