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Common Medicines Have Harmful Side Effects


Science and research has proved lately that the common medicines which we use daily and trust with our life, can also have harmful side effects which we are not aware of.

Asprin, considered a cure for all illness and a trusted friend, now the reports suggest that that the long term use of aspirin could lead to renal failure and kidney related diseases and its side effect could be associated with a fatal condition called reye syndrome, when given to children with flu or chicken pox.

Steroids which we take to enhance some of our body parts can cause weight gain, can make us diabetic, and can also make us prone to infections, diarrhea, affect our hair growth as these steroids have molecules which can damage all the vital parts of our body.

Medical research has proved that excessive use of a drug ‘Statins’, which is very popular to reduce cholesterol in the liver has side effects like loss of memory, depression, unhealthy sleeping habits and liver malfunctioning.

Anti epilileptics drugs can become an addiction and can hamper your body metabolism.

So be careful when you use these common medicines and consult your doctor before making them a part of your life.