Dance Your Way to Fitness: Unveiling the Fun and Effective Fusion of Dance and Exercise for Women!

Great news for fitness freaks- fitness trainers blend conventional exercise with exotic dance forms for novelty, fun and motivation of being fit. The idea is not to dance for thrill but to improve cardiac fitness, a great way to shed inhibitions and feel confident about one’s body. The fun factor makes the task of shedding kilos much easier as you can burn 600 to 700 calories in an hour and have a toned body and a racing heart. Apart from toning your muscles, these forms of dance exercise improves the shape of your back, reduce depression and stress, increases testosterone levels, build self confidence, makes your body flexible, increases your body resistance.

So choose the right dance form and modify it to suit your body and have fun and stay fit.

The different kinds of dance forms to stay fit are:

  • Cardio strip tease is a fun way to achieve a toned body and feel confident about your body.
  • Samba dancing, Zumba dancing, gives your body a lot of energy and makes your body flexible.
  • Tango- helps you in burning calories improving the shape of your back, reduces depression.
  • Polo dancing makes your body flexible.
  • Cha- cha- cha helps you to burn calories to reduce weight.
  • Hip hop has lots of bending, twirling, swirling and increase your energy levels in the body.
  • For those who would love to shed the kilos you can chose from any of the above dance forms and dance your way to an hour glass figure.