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Diet For Fitness and Good Health

Diet For Fitness

We have a habit and tendency to go for a morning workout on an empty stomach, and this leads to a tiring session and tiredness is due to muscle loss and not due to great workouts.

A pre workout meal is very important as it makes the workout effective without taking toll on the energy system of the body. We have to watch what we eat before a work out as this helps us in reducing muscle glycogen depletion, maintains the blood glucose and insulin levels throughout the work outs and reduces muscle protein breakdown. We cannot afford to muscle loss as it is not healthy.

The purpose of our pre meal workout is to consume a large amounts of carbohydrates and proteins before starting our work outs. The size, timing, and content of pre and post meals also play an important role in maintaining our energy levels during our work outs.

Since glucose (carbohydrates) is the preferred energy source for most of the work outs and exercises a diet of pre exercise meals must include foods that are high in carbohydrates and easy to digest. These foods can be pasta, brown breads, oats, energy bars, cereals, and these foods do not give us the heavy in the stomach feeling during workouts.

The calories you eat will be used as fuel or stored as fat will also depend on your body type and your work out intensity.

Thus, following a proper exercise regimen albeit with regular intake of essential food groups will ensure that you remain healthy and fit.