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Effective 20-minute Butt Exercises – Part I

Butt Exercises

These butt exercises are ideal for getting firmer buttocks, flattened abdominals and taut thighs. Once starts off by doing 3 sets of these butt exercises two times each week for deriving best results.

Butt Sculptor
  • This is one of those butt exercises targeting areas like shoulder, abdominals, gluteal muscles, triceps and legs.
  • Lying with face down on the stability ball, palms to be placed on the ground, engaging abdominals, back to be kept flattened, extending legs three feet apart and toes on the ground.
  • Squeezing gluteal muscles for raising legs to as much elevation as doable.
  • Holding this pose for a single count and then bringing feet close to one another.
  • Separating legs and lowering and doing fifteen such repetitions.
Orb Run
  • This move is intended on working areas like bicep, gluteal muscles, abdominals and quadriceps.
  • Being seated on a stability ball, back erect, engaging abdominals, feet placement on the ground and 3-5 pound weights or dumbbells held in both hands, bending elbows and palms placed inward.
  • The upper body is to be kept still and bending left knee, lifting left foot six inches while one swings right arm forwards and left arm backwards (replicating a run).
  • Returning to beginning pose and swapping sides and repeating. Doing twenty repetitions and then alternate sides.
Crossing over Squats
  • This butt exercise is designed to target the muscles of the leg, obliques and gluteus muscles.
  • Standing with feet to be placed shoulder width apart, engaging abdominals, heads to be crossed at the back of the head and elbows outward facing and then squatting.
Curled Lunges or Lateral Raises
  • This butt exercise would be targeting areas like shoulder, abdominals, hip, gluteal muscles, legs and obliques.
  • Stand by placing your feet hip-width apart, and hold a weight in the left hand with the left arm by your side, while placing your right hand on your hip.
  • One then lunges right leg back behind the left leg.
Swooping Glutes
  • This butt exercise would target the abdominals, gluteal muscles and legs.
  • Standing by placing feet hip width away, bending knees to slight extent, extending arms ahead of oneself till height of shoulders.
  • The back is to be flattened and engaging abdominals, hinging ahead from the hip area and sliding left leg backwards and toes pointing outwards.
  • Lifting left leg till as much height as doable.
  • Curling left leg towards buttocks and releasing.
  • Returning to beginning pose and doing fifteen repetitions and switching legs and repeating.