Empower Your Choices: Exploring Natural Birth Control Techniques for Couples – A Safe and Medication-Free Path to Contraception!

Birth control is the choice of every couple. But many couples are hesitant to opt for external birth control solutions. For such couples there is a ray of hope. This is in the form of natural birth control techniques. Some of the natural birth control techniques are:

  1. Abstinence
  2. Withdrawal
  3. Safe Days
  4. Foreplay and external ejaculation
Let us understand each one in detail
  1. Abstinence:  By abstinence we mean total abstinence. In this method there is no intercourse at all. In other words the couple abstains from having sex totally. This method is completely safe albeit not too easy to practice.
  2. Withdrawal: In this technique there exist sexual relations between the couple and they stop short at the time of intercourse. This is done as the man withdraws his penis from the vagina of the woman just before ejaculation. This is a safe method but is not totally reliable as there is a risk of pregnancy involved if the man delays to withdraw and in case he prematurely ejaculates then there is a possibility of pregnancy. Also the pre cum of the male consists of some sperms. And in case this precum enters the vagina then there are chances of conceiving.
  3. Safe Days: This is a method when a woman keeps a track of her fertility cycle and during the days when she ovulates then she abstains from intercourse or else resorts to having protected sex. Normally a woman becomes extra cautious during the seven days prior to the periods and two days post periods as these are the days in which ovulation occurs. This method requires a proper understanding of the menstrual cycle and accuracy in calculating the safe and unsafe days.
  4. Foreplay and external ejaculation:  This refers to any type of sexual activity without vaginal intercourse. Masturbation, frottage, oral sex and manual stimulation are all a part of foreplay. In this method the male ensures that he will never ejaculate inside the vagina of the woman.

These contraception methods are natural and do not require any medication, external insertion or anything else. Therefore most couples find them easy to follow and are comfortable with them.