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Fear Not, Mama: What to Do After a Pregnancy Car Accident


If you’re pregnant and have been in a car accident, it’s natural to feel scared and worried about the well-being of your unborn child. Even if you seem okay after the accident, there could be hidden risks to both you and your baby. Taking immediate action is crucial for your peace of mind and the safety of your child.

Here’s what to do if you’ve been in a car accident while pregnant:

1. Stay Calm: Keeping calm is essential, though challenging. Stress can worsen any potential issues and even trigger preterm labor.

2. Document the Accident: If possible, gather important information like insurance details, take photos, and contact the police for an accident report. If you’re unable to do this immediately due to injury, obtain a copy of the report later.

3. Contact Your OBGYN: Regardless of whether you feel injured, reach out to your doctor promptly for evaluation. Internal injuries to you or your baby may not be apparent. Have your doctor document any symptoms or concerns. Potential complications from the accident include severe abdominal pain, preterm labor, miscarriage, or placental abruption.

4. Consider Legal Help: If medical evaluations reveal complications, you may need legal assistance. While your insurance might cover vehicle damages, it may not address all your needs. A personal injury attorney can help you navigate claims for lost earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damages.

Car accidents are distressing events, especially during pregnancy. Remember to stay calm, gather information, and seek medical attention promptly. If injuries occur, seeking legal counsel from a reputable attorney who prioritizes your interests can help you receive the compensation you deserve.