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Finest Workout Tips for Tackling Cankles

Tips for Tackling Cankles

Cankles is a jargon merging the words calves and ankles, referring to the definite nonappearance of an indent in-between the calf and the feet, shortly known as chunky ankles.

Cankles are the result of either one’s weight or genetic. Stocky ankles are also the consequence of edema – fluid accruement at times occurring due to kidney ailments, cardiovascular failure, being pregnant or other underlying issues.

The following workout tips lay emphasis on getting rid of those heavy-looking ankles. The exercises explicated herewith are intended to strengthen the legs and tone calf muscles.


This non-impact form of exercise is to be done for ten minutes and repeated fifty times. Standing straight and hands placed at the back of the head. Now, squatting down in manner wherein one bends the knees while the back is kept in a straight line all through and returning back to the upright stance. This workout targets the muscle sets of the calf, thigh, butts and abdomen.


A non-impact exercise type to be performed for ten minutes and repeated twenty-five times. Firstly starting off with an upright stance and taking one step forwards using the left foot. Touching the right knee to the floor and then returning to upright stance and repeating with the right foot. This exercise targets the muscle sets of the calf, thigh and butts.


This three-minute long exercise could be repeated about hundred times and works as a charm to tighten the calf muscles. One could look for any step or elevated surface, stairways being the ideal prop to start this exercise. Standing on the border of the step in a manner that the toes and the rounded ball of the foot is placed on the step and the arch and heel of the foot is placed on the edging of the step. Now use the calf muscles for raising one’s body as though one were on one’s feet tip toed. Once more using the calf muscles and lowering the body in a manner that the heel of the foot would fall somewhat lower than the height of the step. Ensuring that one has a rail or some prop for holding on to for supporting oneself.

So, go ahead and tackle those cankles with these vigorous, trimming workout pointers; however whether the ankles would be losing fat prior to the thighs is stringently a genetic factor.