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Hair Care- An Important Part of Beauty and Skin Care

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Your beautiful hair is always a matter of concern for your beauty. Sometimes the split ends, rough texture, frizzy hair, dry strands, and brittleness tend to damage your hair.

The causes of bad hair and hair damage could be chemical treatments, heat styling, wind, blow drying, lack of vitamins, and environmental issues. Hence it is important to include hair care in our everyday beauty and skin care routine.

Damage from environment: environment has major impact on hair health, as harsh weather conditions make your hair brittle and prone to breakage and UV rays from the sun causes dryness to the hair and diminishes the proteins in the hair. And minerals from hard water can make your hair brittle.

Thermal damage: to your hair is caused due to heat to style which includes ironing, blow- drying and hair dryers. The heat cracks the hairs cuticles and withdraws moisture leaving hair untidy, dry, rough and prone to split ends.

To protect your hair from damage and the risk of split ends, you should use conditioners from a reputed brand and the contents of your conditioners must have low chemicals high protein value.

You must treat your hair with moisturising serum and oil to make your hair good and presentable. A vitamin-protein combination helps you to replenish the hair and fibre activities helps in re- building the intra protein bonds within the hair cortex to repair internal damage.

It is advisable to cover your hair while going out in sun, and use blow dryers, hairdryers moderately. Have a nutritious diet consisting of vitamins- A, to make your hair beautiful and strong.

Hence, including measures to maintain your hair in your everyday beauty and skin care routine will surely give you a crowning glory you will be proud of.