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How Many Calories In A Cucumber


If you are looking for information on how many calories in a cucumber, you are in the right place. Not only will we tell you how many calories you will find in cucumbers, we will also discuss the nutritional benefits of cucumber. There are just 12 calories in 100 grams of cucumber, making it a very healthy choice.

Cucumber is one of the best veggies to eat raw. Since cucumbers contain mostly water content, they are very healthy for those who are trying to lose weight. The water content makes you feel full, without having any calories in it. But apart from water, cucumbers also pack the goodness of many essential nutrients. They are rich in Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Vitamins C & K, Folate, Vitamin B6 and Thiamin.

Below is a nutritional table telling you about the calories in a cucumber, along with where the calories are coming from.

Cucumber has integrated fibers, which makes it a great diet food. Also, the high water content flushes out all the water weight in the body, releasing toxins in the process. Cucumbers are mild diuretics, which makes them very useful. For people who suffer from water weight, cucumbers are a miracle food because these vegetables flush out all trapped water from your body. Also, doctors recommend that when you eat a meal that is heavy in salt content, eating cucumbers with it is the best way to ensure the extra salt flushes out with ease.

Because cucumbers are filled with the goodness of various nutrients, along with fiber, they are the ideal snack also. Simply peel the cucumber (though it is possible to eat it with peel too for more fiber) and cut it in to long sticks. You can enjoy these raw with a dash of lime, or have them with a low fat yogurt dip for a healthy snack.

Below is an exhaustive table for how many calories in cucumber:


Size Weight (g) Quantity Calories
How many calories in slice 7 1 1
How many calories in stick (4″ long) 9 1 1
How many calories in 100g 100 1 12
How many calories in cup, sliced 119 1 14
How many calories in cup, pared, chopped 133 1 16
How many calories in small (6-3/8″ long) 158 1 19
How many calories in medium 201 1 24
How many calories in large (8-1/4″ long) 280 1 34


When buying cucumber, look for ones which are firm to touch and are dark green in color. As the cucumber gets colored spots of yellow or light green, it becomes too ripe and is not that great when eaten raw.

Cucumbers have no saturated fats or cholesterol, and the peel is a great source of dietary fiber. In fact, doctors recommend that cucumbers are a great way to cure constipation and also protects against colon cancer and other stomach infections. The potassium found in cucumbers is heart friendly, making sure you don’t suffer from high blood pressure and increased heart rate. But that isn’t al! Cucumbers are also rich in ß-carotene and α-carotene that are powerful antioxidants, along with Vitamin A, K & C.