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Including Vitamin A In Your Diet Can Help In Fighting Cancer


Vitamins are a vital part of our meals. We need to include all the vitamins in moderate quantity in our meals. But it is especially essential to include vitamin A in our meals.

Intensive research has come up with a startling discovery after finding a link between malignant cells and lack of vitamin A.

According to experts at the University of York found that intake of vitamin A in your daily diet could help treat many forms of cancer, as it has the ability to control the malignant cells and kept under control.

Vitamin A in your daily diet can be used as anti cancer treatment but overdose of vitamin A could also be toxic, and hence the intake of vitamin A in moderate quantity is very essential to fight and prevent different kinds of cancer.

Your vitamin diet can consist of oily fish, carrots, red pepper, dark leafy vegetables.

To prevent prostate cancer vitamin A in the diet is essential and will destroy cancer cells or make them more treatable once they are detected.

Retinoic acid is used to treat a blood cancer  and it is has been proved that exposure to sunlight  may protect you from different kinds of cancers and some of the cancers which can be cured with exposure to sun light are breast, cervical, lungs, gastric, lungs according to the study conducted by the scientists.

So we can see that Vitamin A is indeed a much needed inclusion in our daily meal plan and must be consumed in moderate quantity to ensure better health and fitness.