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Permanent Eyebrows –Preparing for the Procedure


The cosmetic industry is evolving, and now the tattooing has become the most popular part of permanent makeup. If your eyebrows are light and are pretty thin to have a perfect shape then, getting permanently tattooed eyebrow is the best solution.Microblading is a proper word used for permanent eyebrows. Tiny needles are used to implant pigments into the skin to give a proper shape and thickness to the eyebrows. So if you are planning on getting a permanent eyebrow then here are few of the preparations you need to do before getting your eyebrows tattooed.

Preparation Before Going For It

You need to prepare yourself for getting the permanent eyebrows; here is what you need to take care of

  • Keep your skin clean; remove the makeup. As the process in an invasion process and to limit the bacterial infection.
  • Do not wax or pluck your brows before the procedure
  • No laser treatment should be performed prior to the process at least one week.
  • Don’t tint or dye your brows.

Decide A Color

You need to communicate to the cosmetic surgeon on what you want. You need to tell him which color you need for your eyebrows. It is one of the critical decisions as once the eyebrows are tattooed the color cannot be changed. So make sure you take your time while deciding the color. You should keep in mind some important factors such as the skin tone, hair color, age and skin type. If you have consulted an experienced cosmetic surgeon then you don’t need to worry about the right color, as he will help you get the best.

Decide The Shape

You would have a specific shape of the eyebrow in your mind; you need to explain it to the cosmetic artist beforehand. If you are confused in about which shape to go for then you can give this charge to him, but it is better to ask them to show you what he is planning to do. So you are not surprised to see the result in the end.

Ask For The Tools To Be Used

You should be well informed about the procedure as well as the tools being used in the process. Ask him which tools will be used and which techniques will be used, the type of ink used. These questions will give you knowledge about the ingredients used in the process. And if you are allergic to any of it you can tell him and be on the safe side.

The Eyebrow Designing

The in-office procedure also needs some preparations. This is a first step towards the permanent eyebrows. The cosmetic surgeon will draw the decided shape onto the eyebrows and ask for your approval. This step is a life saver, as you can see a draft of the shape of the eyebrows you are going to have. All corrections are made in this step and final assessment is done in this designing stage. This may consume a lot of time but will save you from having the worst eyebrow shape.