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Popular 10-Minute Arm-Buffing Workout

10-Minute Arm-Buffing Workout

Merely doing the following five quick arm exercises, one could dare to go out in a strappy or off-shoulder top. A set of three to five pound weighing dumbbells and a fitness ball is all that is needed to get started on these arm-toning exercises.

Triceps Taps
  • This arms workout is intended on targeting the abdominals and buttocks.
  • Sitting on fitness ball with knees bending perpendicularly, hold dumbbells in both the hands.
  • Walking feet forwards till upper portion of back and head is rested over the stability ball. Lifting hips to form a straightened line.
  • Extending arms in direction of the roof and then bending elbows for lowering dumbbells at the back of you and then straightening arms.
  • Doing fifteen repetitions and rolling back upwards.
Dual-Bell Rows
  • This arms workout is designed for targeting areas of the shoulder, bicep and upper portion of back.
  • Starting with feet placed at hip distance apart; hold the duo dumbbells in left hand.
  • Stepping backwards with the left leg, bend the knees to some extent and hinging forwards from the hip area and then placing right hand on right thigh.
  • Extending left arm beneath shoulder and then bending elbow for bringing dumbbell to rib level and then extending.
  • Doing twelve repetitions, swapping sides and repeating.
  • This workout is intended on targeting abdominals, buttocks and shoulders.
  • Hold dumbbells in both hands, standing on left leg, lifting right leg a couple of inches at the back of you.
  • Maintaining a flat back and dumbbells beneath shoulders, leaning forwards from the hip region.
  • Lifting arms direct outward to one’s sides while one raises right leg and lean forwards till body is nearly side by side to the ground.
  • Returning to beginning pose and doing twelve repetitions, swapping sides and repeating.
  • This exercise is designed for targeting areas of the shoulder, upper portion of back, buttocks and leg.
  • A dumbbell is to be held in both hands, standing with feet placed shoulder distance apart.
  • Squatting and bringing dumbbells close to one another ahead of the trunk and elbows outward to one’s sides.
Buoyant Curls
  • This workout is designed for targeting upper portion of back and bicep.
  • Standing with feet placed hip distance apart, knees somewhat bending, hold dumbbells in both hands, arms placed ahead of thigh region and inner part of hand placed forwards.
  • Lifting arms in a straight line to trunk level ahead of you. While not allowing elbow movement, curling left hand towards left shoulder and then extending.
  • Repeating with right arm and doing twenty curls and switching sides.