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Relax and Rejuvenate with Self-Massage

Self Massage

Massage is invigorating and you can do it for yourself. Just follow these easy techniques:


For a relaxing scalp massage to drain away the day’s tensions and leave you feeling relaxed and alert, place your hands on your scalp at the roots of your hair. Spread out your fingers and thumbs to cover as much area as possible and gently rotate them in a clockwise direction. Breath deeply through your nose to promote good circulation. Gradually work your hands all over your scalp from your hairline to your nape, until it starts to tingle slightly then reverse direction.


You can relax your facial muscles and help yourself feel more refreshed with a gentle face massage. Using your index and second fingers of each hand, make small circular movements around your eyes, across cheeks, forehead and chin. Cup your cheeks for a minute so that the warmth of your hands can relax the tissue. Then repeat the circular movement, soon you will feel a glowing relief.


Sit in a comfortable position with your feet resting up on the bed or on a chair. Working on one foot at a time, cup your heel with one hand and with the other make small circular movements starting with each toe. Gradually move down to the ball of your foot and kneed this for a few minutes then slowly work over your sole and down to your heel.