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Home » Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms: Sculpt Your Dream Triceps with These Targeted Exercises!

Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms: Sculpt Your Dream Triceps with These Targeted Exercises!

Advice to Attain Admirable Arms

Arms are the hotspots for accumulation of flab. Well toned triceps are the dream of every woman. But more often than not this dream fails to turn into a reality.

For those who are determined to have triceps which are well toned and a source of envy for all we have described a few exercises specifically for the arms and shoulders. Regularly doing these exercise will surely give you positive results.

1.    Simultaneous Arm Lift

Stand on the floor with your legs slightly apart. Hold the ends of a single long dumbbell in front of your thigh. Keep your shoulders arched back and lift the dumbbell. Lift it till it reaches in front of your shoulder at the same height parallel to the shoulder. Remain in this position for one second and then lower your hands back towards your thigh. Do two sets (each consisting of eight counts or do it eight times in each set). Ensure that there is a break of a minute between each set.

Position yourself as follows, ladies: Place your feet about hip-width apart, with a gentle bend in your knees. Hold one end of a dumbbell in front of your thighs, ready to begin.

2.    Lateral Raise with a Twist

Stand on the floor with your legs slightly apart. You will need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. one for each hand. Hold the dumbbells in each hand and stand with your hands straight down. Deeply inhale and lift your arms up and move till your arms are at the same height as your shoulder height. Now gradually turn your wrist so that your palm is now facing upwards, slowly twist your wrist back till the palm once again faces downwards. Exhale your breathe slowly and move your hand back down towards your body.

Ladies, assume this stance: Stand with your feet at a hip-width distance, knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, allowing your arms to hang beside you. Your palms should be facing inward, and ensure your shoulders are pulled back and down.

3.      Lady push ups

This form of sit up is very easy for women to do and it ensures that your shoulder does not get more wider and no muscle is formed. Rather it helps to tone the arms and reduce excessive flab. For lady push up sit on the floor on all fours, like in the doggie position. Place your palms firmly on the floor and keep your hand straight. Now bend your back and move towards the floor without lifting your leg. Ensure that your palm is firmly placed on the floor. You will feel a pressure on the shoulder muscles. Do a set of fifty push ups daily to get the most toned shoulders and arms.

These exercises are easy to follow and are not time consuming.

There are many other exercises which are useful for toning. But even though everyone loves a well sculpted body, it is necessary that we never overdo it else we may end up injuring ourselves.