Solution for Saggy Breasts

Solution for Saggy Breasts – The 6-Week Miracle Workout

All women worried about their breasts appearing saggy, not quite perky as they once were. Surgery does not have be the last reprieve for saggy breasts.

Merely following these toning exercises on alternate days for 6 weeks is bound to show results.

Press up Exercise

Press up exercise uses the body’s own weight for working the pectoral (chest), deltoid (arm) and tricep (shoulder) muscles. Starting with a half press up and progressing till a full press up no sooner has one gained sufficient vigour in doing so.

  • Placing hands directly below the shoulders or somewhat broader in case one intends on putting greater stress on the chest. Keeping the fingers pointed ahead and trunk and legs in a straight line.
  • Bending the arms till perpendicular angle and lowering the body, keep the head aligned with the spine. Keeping the stomach and thigh muscle sets taut which would be helpful in keeping legs straightened. Being cautious about not pointing the butt in the air.
  • Pushing oneself back up till one is in the starting pose. It is important to bear in mind about inhaling while going downward and exhaling while one is pressing upwards.
Half Press up Exercise (Substitute)

Press up exercise is intended on using the body weight for working the pectoral, deltoid and tricep muscles. In this exercise, using 3-4 kilograms of hand weights or even improvising with tinned food containers would augment the benefits derived. It is always advisable to commence with doing the half press up exercise firstly and then eventually progressing to full press up by the time vigour has been developed.

  • Starting with arms placed in the analogous pose to that in case of the full press up exercise, however, keeping the knees on the floor. Gradually lowering the body and then reverting to the beginning stance.
  • Doing 2 sets comprising of twelve to fifteen reps on alternate days.
Chest Press Exercise

This form of exercise could be performed on the ground instead of using a bench. To garner optimal outcomes, it is imperative that the abdominal muscles are keep taut.

  • Lying on the back over a bench and bending the knees. Hold a weight in both the hands and then bending the arms till the time elbows form a perpendicular angle and palms of the hands are facing ceiling.
  • Extending the arms up till they are almost straight. Now, returning back to the beginning pose, employing a swiftness of nearly 4 seconds per rep.
  • Doing 2 sets comprising of twelve to fifteen reps on alternate days.

Saggy breasts could be a thing of the past by simply practising these toning exercises on a regular basis.