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The Right Bra Size For Women

Right Bra Size For Women

An ill fitted bra not only makes one feel uncomfortable but also looks very unappealing. However well you may dress it all goes vain as the charm is lost by a bra that does not fit well. We need to be careful and aware of our size before we purchase a new bra. For people who don’t know if they are wearing the correct size here is an easy calculation to understand if you are wearing the correct size or not.

  1. Relax your body and stand straight.
  2. Take a measuring tape and measure the band beneath your breasts. Ensure that your measure the complete round around your body. Take for instance the measure is 21.
  3. Now add 5 to it. The number we get it 26. This number is the band size.
  4.  In case the band size would have been an odd number then you should consider the next even number as the band size. For example if your measure is 20 so by adding 5 to it, we get 25.
    The next even number is 26. This is the method to calculate the accurate band size.
  5. After obtaining the band size, we now need to calculate the size of the cup. Wear a bra with the closest fit. Ensure that your nipples are not crushed in it. Now measure the fullest part of your breast, i.e., the area across the nipple. Assuming the size is 28, we now calculate the difference by subtracting the numbers. For example, in this example the band size and the cup size are 26 and 28 respectively. This gives you the cup size. In this case the answer is 2.
  6. Now follow the legend below to identify which band is most suitable for you.
  • 0=AA
  • 1=A
  • 2=B
  • 3=C
  • 4=D
  • 5=DD
  • 6=DDD

By following this calculation you can accurately know the best size and can buy a bra which has a snug fitting.