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Top Belly Toning Exercises

Top Belly Toning Exercises

Washboard abs is often craved by a vast populace of women. However, by simply following these sequence of roll-up workouts targeting at strengthening and toning the abs about thrice or four times during a week, is bound to yield optimal outcomes. However, the best outcomes are derived from coalescing the below explained exercises with right nutritional and balanced dietetic intake. Exercising with chums would add the zest needed to perk up the workout session.

Bicycle Crunches

This form of exercise lasting ten minutes is to be ideally done for hundred reps.

  1. Lying flat on the ground and raising the knees and head with hands clasped behind the head.
  2. Touching the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa.
  3. Alternating this, on this instant extending the other leg.
  4. Repeating this style and 1 rep counting as one touches the right and left elbows to both of the knees.

This really simple, uncomplicated exercise could be done while at home and targets strengthening and toning the abdominals. The exercise must not be rushed with but instead to be done at an unhurried, measured pace, strictly focusing on every motion.

  1. Starting out with lying down flat (supine stance) on a carpet with feet outstretched to the fore of the hips, ensuring that there is proper anchoring of the heels to the ground and must not steer away from the carpet. Extending the arms all over or at the back of the head.
  2. Nasal Inhalation and feeling the tummy inflate. As one is exhaling then concurrently peeling the shoulders off the carpet by lifting the arms forwards headed to the feet. The chin pressing down to the neck and raising the upper extremities off the carpet into a seating stance.
  3. Inhaling while lengthening the spine and sitting up erect.
  4. Exhaling while one is bringing the chin back towards the chest and slowly lowering the upper extremities backward till one is lying flat on the carpet. Feeling the retraction of the upper body in the direction of the floor (feeling every vertebra nicely and gradually moving). While lowering the upper extremities ensuring that the buttocks should be squeezed and heels firmly rooted to the floor.
Altered Risen Knees Roll-up

This is an altered adaptation of roll-ups (abdominal exercise) with the key variation being that the arms are starting off on the sides rather than at the back of the head. The three-minute long duration exercise is to be repeated ten times.

  1. Beginning with the hands placed on the sides, the knees lifted up and feet firmly placed on the floor. The back and the upper region of the body should touch the floor.
  2. Inhaling while the back is touching the floor and exhaling while one is raising the upper extremities and extending the arms in the direction of the feet. Ensuring that the chin is tucking in to the chest.
  3. Sitting up upright and inhaling at the seating stance. Exhaling as one lowers the upper extremities back to touch the carpet. Again ensuring the chin is tucking into the chest.
  4. Finishing in the beginning posture.